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Safe and Nurturing Learning Environments for Preschoolers as we educate children to respect different races, genders, religion…

How to Apply

All pre-school and primary schools will require a copy of your child’s birth certificate during the admission and for the records.

You can complete our Admission Enquiry online


1. What benefit child will get from going to a preschool and when should it start?

We provide a quality preschool to your child with an interactive environment which help with their physical, mental, social, emotional, cognitive and holistic development.

2. What experience teachers & staff have?

We have teachers who have done early childhood education from reputed colleges. They should have complete knowledge of a child’s developmental stages and should also be caring and warm towards children.

3. Is potty training needed before joining preschool?

Potty training is not a must for preschool. Every Child is unique & they may take their own time becoming potty trained and our preschool can also help in the process of them becoming more independent and potty trained.

4. Are meals & snacks provided at preschool?

We provide delicious, freshly made meals each day including: Warm belly filling breakfast, Fresh morning snack, Delicious and nutritious lunch and Tasty afternoon snack.

5. What are the safety measures followed to ensure safety of child inside premises?

Armed response and medical response 24 hours a day, in Additions, We have CCTV cameras in all class rooms and playgrounds area

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Parents/guardians tour the school. Parents may tour with the Admissions Associate or visit the school during operating hours.



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